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The Return on Empathy (ROE)

I was doing some file clean-up recently and dug up this presentation I gave last year. It compiles a lot of my high-level thinking on the power of empathy in a business context — a theme I’ve touched on here in the past a fair bit. Figured I’d share to try to counteract the lack of activity on HNHN of late.   

Amidst today’s hyper-connected business environment, marketers must recognize every interaction as a brand interaction and every piece of communication as potential customer communication. In this session titled The Return On Empathy, Idea Couture’s Sean Hazell looks at how a company-wide commitment to customer empathy is paramount to business performance. With competitive and comparative references the presentations aims to illustrate how today’s smartest and most successful brands are translating empathy into advocacy to grow the bottom line. (full presentation on request)

The Return on Empathy (ROE) from Sean Hazell

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  1. Mo Jalloh
    September 6, 2014

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