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About Sean

A brand and communications strategist, Sean has spent the lion’s share of his career in account management and strategic planning roles at some of Canada’s top agencies. His passion for consumer culture has contributed to the success of award-winning campaigns for iconic brands like Jack Daniel’s, Reebok, Virgin, and Pepsico. More recently Sean moved from advertising into innovation with the belief that brand & marketing should be involved earlier in the design process. Today he leads cross-functional teams through brand-led innovation projects that strive to embed a point-of-view within new products and experiences.

On a personal level, Sean’s learning-by-doing approach has spawned a number of projects over the years. Highlights include AdBakery.com—a community for unsolicited creative advertising ideas, and Take Your Customer To Work Day—a designated day for business transparency that received coverage from the likes of Seth Godin and The Consumerist.

Sean was chosen to Marketing Magazine’s 2009 ‘Ones To Watch’ feature for rising stars under 30.

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