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No Brands on the Dance Floor

We humans are natural dancers. Dances can be celebrations, or for praise, or for an audience – or just a simple act of letting the rhythm move your body. Dancers can communicate ideas, preserve cultural identities, strengthen social bonds, or just have a lot of fun. [source & amazing photo collection]

I believe there are massive marketing opportunities around dance.

Combining creativity and movement, dance has mass appeal in our ever-fragmenting world. Just look at Dancing With The Stars, SYTYCD, Dance Crew and Glee. Or glance down YouTube’s all-time most popular videos: Evolution of Dance, Wedding Dance(s), Where The Hell Is Matt, Prison Thriller, Soulja Boy, Single Ladies, OK Go, Breakdancing babies, and the list goes on.

Billions of views don’t lie. Dance is a cross-cultural connective powerhouse.

So where are the dance-inspired brands?

With brands finally realizing that to win they must commit to something bigger, I’m shocked to see so few companies with dance rooted in their brand strategy. Sure there are successful executions (T-Mobile), but search “dance” on Brand Tags and you’ll find a smattering of loose associations hardly resembling commitment. The Gap comes out as the top connection, with people still recalling campaigns from their glory years. [UPDATE: Gap’s new holiday campaign is a bit of a way-back playback for them]

Now I know what you’re probably saying: ‘how can you possibly build a brand with dancing?’ I bet they asked the same question with Lululemon and Yoga.

More to come.

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