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The Online GC Community Grows!

Earlier this week I found out that I passed the American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC) certification exam. Although the certification itself doesn’t directly influence my role or employment as a genetic counsellor, it is generally a good qualification to have and one that I am proud to have. The news couldn’t have been more timely, as it has given me an extra boost of confidence as I head into my Canadian certification exam next week.

But perhaps just as exciting as the news of passing the exam, is the launch of a new GC authored blog, “Genetic Counselors Questioning Certification,” that is dedicated to intiating and advancing an online discussion about the GC certification process itself. Because the focus of the blog is incredibly specific it will likely not be of interest to those outside of the GC world. However, I think the presence of the blog itself symbolizes a really important shift in our community. Only a year ago I was hard pressed to find other GCs online. In the past 12 months we have created The DNA Exchange and seen the birth of several other GC authored blogs (NSGC presidents blog, Martian Genetics, Gene Trends). I am happy to add Catherine Clinton and Sarah Savage to the growing list of GC bloggers and applaud them for taking the initiative to bring their questions and concerns public. I look forward to seeing how the certification conversation develops as a result.

One comment on “The Online GC Community Grows!

  1. skssavage
    November 7, 2009


    Thanks for the support! We’re pretty excited. I was really happy to see your post/link. It’s getting around, I guess. Hooray for GC’s on the web!


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