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Victory and Disco Trumpets

So we won a Canadian Comedy Award for Sure Lock on Friday night. The success of this thing continues to boggle my mind. A huge thanks to all who voted! I’ll update with photos when I get my hands on them.

In other web video news, since I commented on Trumpets it’s been viewed a whopping 238,000 times and received 900+ comments. Now Mindy brings this ridiculous Disco mash-up version to our attention:

Wow. I’m assuming this is a consumer remix and not Fallon’s work. I think it’s a win for the National Confectionery either way.

One comment on “Victory and Disco Trumpets

  1. JCM
    October 18, 2008

    I just watched “Disco Trumpets” and I wanted to physically get up and dance.

    I admire you for sharing this bit of funny. If not for this site, I would never have seen it, and now consider myself blessed.

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