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Indie & Sport make love

Malkmus dedicated, “We Can’t Help You,” to Jose Calderon of the Toronto Raptors, and then commented that he is worried about the Jermaine O’Neal trade. It is well known that Malkmus is an avid sports fan. He even did a fantasy baseball preview for eMusic. But I’ve never heard sports talk during a rock concert before. Awesome.

Two things I love: 1) Sports 2) New Music

A decade ago these interests were not friends. If you liked one, you’d better run from the other. The stereotypes were set: Jock bullies band nerd. Scenester mocks meathead (probably not to his face… in lyric perhaps).

But, the web, and more specifically the playlist, have changed things. You no longer have to choose groups like you’re in grade school. Music is more accessible and sharable than ever before – so new groups are exposed to new sounds outside the old mainstream. It’s commonplace to hear kids respond to the question “what sort of music do you like?” with the very descriptive response “everything”. Varied interests aren’t just accepted now, they’re encouraged.

So within the past few years indie music hit the masses. And, big surprise, the masses like sports! Now, after a brief period of fear, resentment and confusion, it seems it’s finally okay to declare dual love for indie and sporting worlds. Here’s a collection of proof:

It should be noted, while historically rivaled, indie and jock cultures do share some common roots. Take sneakers. Chuck Taylor was a baller long before his kicks were on Bowery. Now, you’ll also find Stan Smith, Rod Laver, Fred Perry, Renee Lacoste and even Air Jordan at rock shows (still waiting on Ewing). On the flip side, you might hear TVOTR next time you’re at MSG.

It’s the dawning of Creative Recreation

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  1. Frugal Poodle
    October 3, 2008

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