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What’s on Batman’s iPod?

Soundtracking Your Brand’s Narrative

Reading Buying In, I am reminded of the empowerment of the iPod. Rob Walker offers that the mp3 player is one of today’s great identity tools, and he quotes a Sussex Professor who explains “people define their own narrative through their music collection.”

Having been thinking about brands and individuality a bit lately, my next logical thought was about brand playlists. I found myself racing through a list of my favourite companies and thinking…

What would [insert brand here] have on their iPod?

It’s a fun exercise that I think I may spend some time with. For the first example I thought I’d stay on hype and look at the brand of the day. The Dark Knight opens today to oceans of positive noise. However, not being a huge Batman fan, I’d be hard pressed to do this musical dive justice. Luckily my friend Liam, of PopGunning fame, is a Batman super-nerd and ex-music-critic.

So I asked Liam if he’d play mix maker – tasking him with the question – if TDK was a person, what would his iPod look like? (Liam assures us TDK is male). Here’s what he assembled:

The Dark Knight’s iPod

Some people might say this is a silly example because movies already have soundtracks. Well, yes, but brands aren’t who they say the are. They’re who we say they are. So big thanks to Liam for the bad-ass unofficial TDK soundtrack.

Next Week: What’s on [insert brand here]’s iPod? … any requests? anybody want to take a shot at one?


Liam held a little TDK anticipation party in his backyard last weekend complete with homemade screen (photo), vintage previews, clips from all the past Batmans and a full showing of Batman Begins. You can’t buy free-marketing like that.

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