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Customer Day Nears

Cross-promotion via Take Your Customer To Work Day

So we’re under three weeks away from the big day, and I just wanted to give a couple brief updates:

  • Picture 4The Museum of Life and Science is on board, which really excites me. Museums have the potential to offer such a compelling behind the scenes glimpse, so hopefully we can get some photo/ video coverage of the day. Many thanks to Beck Tench, their Director of Web Experience, for her interest in the project. The NCLMS has a great reputation for their hands-on experience, and their site nicely aligns. Next time your near Durham, NC, be sure to pay a visit. I know I will.
  • Picture 6Jackie Huba of Church of the Customer and the Society for Word of Mouth (SWOM) has been nice enough to feature Take Your Customer To Work Day on SWOM. If you don’t know it, SWOM is a social network that ‘helps people build word of mouth into the DNA of their organizations using social media.’ I think they’re a natural partner, as both our concepts attempt to link on-line values with off-line interaction for better customer engagement. And just on a personal note, it’s awesome to get some support from a long-time customer champion I have much respect for.

As for updates on other participants, I’m waiting on details from a few, and still working to confirm some other promising leads. As always, if you know of an organization that might want to partake – please let us know. Otherwise, stay tuned – the news is going to start coming a little more quickly now as we near May 28th.

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