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Story & Song Revisited

A while back I wrote about the importance of story in commercial music success referencing the cases of Bon Iver and the White Stripes. I was reminded of the post spotting Bon Iver’s debut on a whack of best of 08 lists – even winding up sixth on Metacritic’s almighty critical compilation.

Glancing to the top of that list you’ll discover another remarkable story: that of Amadou and Mariam, a blind couple from Mali. Their innovative African sound has steadily gained international popularity over the past two decades; collabing with hitmaker Damon Albarn on this album set them up to grab attention on a whole new level.

Of course the music is stand-out, but their account is that added layer that takes the product further (did I mention A&M were recently invited to perform at Barack’s inauguration?). Like with pre-experience design, before we even hear the first note it shapes our expectations. As we listen, it affects what we hear. And as we process, it offers that bit of personal interestingness that nudges us to share.

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