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Just some ideas from around the web that have stuck with me lately. Firstly, Faris and Seth share two great reasons why people are better than companies at social media:

1. We’re Nicer. If you want to operate in social media, you have to act socially. Herein lies the problem. Companies are not social. Companies are commercial. They have explicitly commercial objectives… This is possibly why companies find it so hard to act socially and, by extension, in social media. They have to act without any thought to immediate financial return.

2. We’re Faster. It’s hard for big companies (and agencies) to compete with the speed of inspired individuals. It’s hard to be nimble. It’s scary to launch and learn. It takes a lot of constant monitoring and hands on responding.


Next, a USA Today interview with Matt Berninger of The National reminds me of the inspiration in the everyday:

Songs about the working world have made The National big enough that the band no longer needs day jobs. “That camaraderie at the office — talking at the water cooler, going to lunch — I miss that,” Berninger admits. He does think about going back to work, but fleetingly. “Realistically, would I set my alarm, go to the office and prepare for a presentation for clients? But I do freelance design work, and that takes my brain out of the rock-band universe. It will hurt us if we lose touch with who we were…

“Average life is rich with content”.

Hear, hear. This guy agrees, Matt (you might know him from his Chronicles):

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