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Is Our Market Responsible?

Seth Godin’s Responsibility post is one of my favourites when it comes to marketing ethics. Here he refutes the irresponsible marketer’s case that the market itself is to blame:

The problem is… the market is short sighted. Which means that in a year or two or five, when the market changes its mind and wakes up, you’re left holding the bag. By not taking responsibility for growing and nurturing the market in the right way, you get punished later.

Seth uses cigarettes and SUVs as great examples. But what I especially love about his argument is it also applies to the marketing industry as a whole. It’s no secret our market is correcting. The ploys and schemes of the old model are getting punished. On the other hand, those who are taking responsibility for their actions – marketing with transparency and respect – are beginning to reap rewards. To be continued…

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