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We Still Care

The Pressures and Anxiety of Digital Neglect

So we haven’t posted here for a while. Sorry. Between the upcoming HNHN wedding and the new job on my front, it’s been a jam packed summer to say the least.  And as the blogging guilt mounts, it’s funny how I feel increasing pressure to make the next post a doozie (which  in turn makes it mentally tougher to make the time to sit down and actually write something up).

So while I have a few doozies half-written in my head, in the interim I thought I’d fight through the anxiety and put up a quickie to say hi, we’re still here, and we’ve not abandoned this place. In the future I promise not to use terms like quickie and doozie. Obviously I’m a bit rusty.

Via ThisIsIndexed

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This entry was posted on July 30, 2010 by in His Nurture Posts.

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