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Creative Silverware

For a little creative fun, I teamed up with Ryan Teixeira, a bud and awesome designer, to enter this year’s Globe & Mail 24 hr Yong Lions competition.  Representing all the Design/Strategist teams out there, we had a strong showing with a silver in the traditional Print category!  Had we won we would have received an all-in trip to Cannes to represent Canada, so as happy as we were, it was also a little bitter sweet. All-in-all still a very cool and rewarding experience though, especially seeing as we were so out of our element.

Below is our entry (click to download). In hindsight we would have definitely changed up a few things, but that’s what makes a 24 hr deadline so challenging.

The full list of winners is posted here.

Download The PDF

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This entry was posted on May 12, 2010 by in His Nurture Posts.

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