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The Souvenir Economy

Collectors Are The New Consumers

Godin is the master at making the complicated simple. Attention anyone working in a field where your product can be digitized (think books, music, film, photography, etc), please have a read and substitute your field for books/publishing:

Books are sou­ve­nirs that hold ideas. Ideas are free. If no one knows about your idea, you fail. If your idea doesn’t spread, you fail. If your idea spreads but no one wants to own the sou­ve­nir edi­tion, you fail.

No one is going to read Potter online, even if it’s free. Holding and owning the book, remembering when and how you got it… that’s what you’re paying for. Books are great at holding memories. They’re lousy at keeping secrets.

Book publishers don’t make authors suc­cess­ful (cla­ri­fi­ca­tion: 175,000 new authors a year, 300 become suc­cess­ful because of publishers). Authors make them­sel­ves suc­cess­ful by ear­ning the pri­vi­lege of having a plat­form, by crea­ting ideas that spread, and yes, by buil­ding a tribe. (Source 1, 2)

This presentation changed my Saturday.

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