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Making Open Happen

Via Take Your Customer To Work Day

As the stories continue to roll in from Thursday all reports indicate year one was a success! A big thanks to everyone involved for taking a chance and letting your customers in. Of particular interest for me is the range of ways people have executed this concept. Much of the hesitation from potential participants came from people who were just not sure what to make of the idea — uncertain how it could work for their group. So it’s awesome to see how some parties got creative given their circumstances.

A few examples of the different approaches: the Museum of Life + Science took members behind the scenes of exhibits, Steam Whistle Brewery held an “employee for a day” contest, and Vicki at ThreeWheels  gave us a virtual tour of her home office (we heard a lot of “I’d love to participate, but I work from home”). As I mentioned leading up to the day, ‘there was no specific right way to Take Your Customer To Work  – what was important was giving customers a behind the scenes glimpse of what you do’. I think it’s safe to say all our participants met this objective, and had some fun along the way! Stay tuned for more updates as I receive them.


Exhibit Tech, Peter, shows Museum of Life + Science members a (top secret) prototype of an idea he has for a new exhibit opening this summer.

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  1. GCC
    July 1, 2019

    Thanks for sharing. Reading all post.

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