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’08 His and Her Highlights

As the two of us go back to work tomorrow we thought we’d each take a quick look back at three professionally-related highlights from 2008. It’s been a great year (well technically only 8 months here), thanks so much for hangin’ with us!

Sean 08:

Allie 08:

  • Obtaining a Master’s in Human Genetics.
  • Getting hired on as a Genetic Counsellor at an innovative clinic. Appreciating how much I’ve learned and how much more there is to learn
  • Representing the GC voice online – in the blogosphere (am I alone here?), with Gene Scene on Facebook, and on Twitter

Bonus Highlight: The crazy response to Allie’s Phelps/Marfan post. Who knew so many people searched “Michael Phelps naked”? Who knew it would direct them here?

One comment on “’08 His and Her Highlights

  1. hippie
    January 9, 2009

    i actually searched “Allie naked”… oh well.

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