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Defining my “Gene Scene”

Lately Sean and I have been talking about Blogging and Mentors. Sean will hopefully post more extensively on this soon, but essentially the idea is that the blogging world has given our generation access to daily insights and experiences from some of the brightest minds in our fields– access that would be next to impossible to obtain in person. This network is currently far more extensive in the world of marketing than it is in genetics or more broadly science. While I have yet to identify a specific mentor, I am slowly becoming more familiar with the online genetics world.

I recently stumbled up the Center for Genetics and Society, a quirky California based non-profit organization. As they explain it:

The Center supports benign and beneficent medical applications of the new human genetic and reproductive technologies, and opposes those applications that objectify and commodify human life and threaten to divide human society.

I vaguely remember looking into this organization several years ago, but I am pretty sure that their blog was not up and running at that time. Reading through it, it’s exciting to find another source of online guidance that I personally identify with. The content is interesting and easily accessible for scientists and non-scientists alike. I highly recommend a visit.


Notes on “Gene Scene”:

– While I was in school a friend and I created a facebook group named Gene Scene. Our goal was to engage all audiences in thinking about the impact of genetics in daily life

– The Sarah Lawrence Human Genetics Program has adopted this term for their newly published alumni newsletter

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