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Recreative I am

Success on the Voice Hunt

So I’ve been trying to find my voice. Seems a necessity in the Planning world. If you can’t figure out how to position yourself, how are you going to develop strategy for new products and services? So I’ve been thinking, what do I sound like… or stand for? What can I bring to the white board? Turns out to be tricky little task.

I tried to see myself as a brand- escaping my own head to consider what others say, think and ultimately feel about me. But objectivity is tough when you’ve been working on ‘the brand’ since your earliest childhood memory. In fact, this exercise could be the ultimate brand challenge: weighing what I say the brand is (who I say I am) against what others say it is (who you say I am).

Anyhow, at the end of the day I think I figured me out. And as much as I wish it was ‘discovery by strategic design’, it never seems to work that way. The solve has been staring back at me in the shoe shops for some time now.

Creative Recreation makes bad-ass kicks that I’ve appreciated for a while, but I’d never really thought about the brand name. Turns out CR (the term, not the brand) is it…

This world – where arts meet play – fires me.

Everything I love seems to fall under the idea: my background marketing sports and entertainment, planning parties, pushing social media – it all adds up.

Actually, it’s funny. I’ve always struggled adopting labels for myself. Seems fervor for both sport and the arts is not common. Although I have a tight group of friends who share these same paradoxical interests, I’ve often felt different than ‘the boys’ in the locker room AND ‘the kids’ at the rawk shows. But finally a tag makes sense – and it feels kind of nice.

I’m definitely going to explore this concept more down the road. So keep it locked to hear more on what’s good in Fresh Play.

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