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Life: An Update

So, I have been absent here. Very, very absent. The first post back is a tough one. As a good friend and fellow blogger recently pointed out, coming back from a blogging hiatus can be daunting, as the need to provide ‘the blog post of all blog posts’ seems to increase exponentially with the length of time since last posting (in my case, May!). To be fair, I haven’t been completely absent from the blogging world– I continue to write for and manage The DNA Exchange, but I admit that I have neglected hNhN completely.  So as we near 2011 I have decided to just provide a little update on the past 6 months. And of course, vow to write more often from now on.

Personally, Sean and I have had a big life change: on October 1 2010 we got married! It was an absolutely wonderful day, surrounded by the people we love. I enjoyed the creative aspects of wedding planning, and spent a lot of time consuming blogs rather than writing for them. Sean and I are now both happily enjoying post-wedding and new-marriage bliss. And, as always, continue the nature/nurture debate.

Professionally, I have had some changes too. In early November I started a new position as a genetic counsellor at Medcan, a preventative health clinic in Downtown Toronto. Medcan is privately held, which is a rarity in the Canadian public health care system. The Genetics program at Medcan is currently centered around personal genome testing, and genetic counselling in this arena is a new and exciting role for me. In addition, it exists within a primary care setting. Looking back, ‘Genetics and Primary Care‘ was the topic of one my first posts on this blog back in the summer of 2008, which serves as a reminder to me that this is the kind of role I have been working towards for a long time.

I am still at Adult Genetics at the University Health Network 3 days a week, and spend the additional days at Medcan. While I am still getting my bearings in this new role, I do plan to write a separate post about my transition to genetic counselling for genomic-based testing in the next few months. (For now, if you’re interested in more information about the Medcan genetics program you can read Jill Davies’ post on theDNAexchange.)

See you soon, I promise.

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