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DNA Exchange: A new blogging initiative

I’ve been a little quiet here lately. This is because most of my attention has been directed at DNA Exchange, the recently launched group genetic counseling blog. I am really, really excited about this initiative and the response from the genetic counseling community so far has been fantastic. We have a great group of contributors, with diverse opinions and interests, as well as a couple of guest bloggers lined up. It has been a fair amount of work with some unexpected challenges and dilemmas, but overall it is well worth it.

For the next little while, as I figure out how to balance hNhN, DNA Exchange and studying for board exams, my posts might be fewer and farther between. If any prolific bloggers want to send some tips my way, I’m all ears.

One comment on “DNA Exchange: A new blogging initiative

  1. GCC
    July 1, 2019

    Thanks for sharing.

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